In light of cuts to local authority youth services, the charity sector has never been more vital in terms of the valuable support it provides to the most vulnerable sector of society. Investing in young people, be it time or money, is an investment in the future.

Last year we spent 100,000 hours doing youth work, but we want to do more . . . 

All of the young people we work with come from inner city areas in the bottom 10% of the most deprived communities in the country.

  • 44% of our members live in child poverty
  • 50% have free school meals
  • 60% come from single parent households
  • 70% come from ethnic minority backgrounds

We have over 2,000 young people on our books, but we want more. If you believe in the value of our work as much as we do, please give whatever you can.


It costs . . .

  • £15 for one hour of a youth worker′s time to change a young person′s life
  • £25 for a young person to gain a first aid certificate and help their community
  • £50 for a session of arts and crafts with Jai (see quotes)
  • £100 to run a sexual health workshop to prevent a young person getting a sexually transmitted infection or becoming pregnant themself or causing someone else to become pregnant
  • £200 to sponsor an underprivileged inner city child to go away for an educational holiday like Zara and Joanna who had never left London before

″Hello ladies and gentlemen. Every week we do new art and crafts sessions. I enjoy learning new things. I like working with the glitter. I like working with the staff because they are kind, helpful, fun. We all helped to make the memory box and we all had lots of fun making it. It is very fun to be at Harrow Club.″ Zara (Aged 9)

″ Hello, my name is Joanna and I am a member of the Harrow Club. It has been a pleasure to come to the Harrow Club and have so many things to do but one of the best things is art and crafts. Jai the art co-ordinator doesn’t give you something hard to do but something fun and exciting for the occasion we’re in.  Jai is kind enough to prepare fun things for us and I totally love it.″ Joanna (10 years old)


We believe in working in partnership with other organisations committed to the same values as us, pooling resources, ideas and enthusiasm; the essential prerequisite to any potential partnership being that it is founded on a synergy with our commitment to improving youth provision in the local area.

We would not have been able to achieve the success that we have without the support of our funders, ranging from local authorities to private companies and individuals, and we are deeply grateful to all other supporting parties.


The London Youth Quality Mark is the only quality assurance scheme for youth clubs accredited by City and Guilds and, uniquely, involves young people in assessment. Thanks to an award scheme from the City Bridge Trust, clubs that achieve the London Youth Quality Mark receive additional
benefits – making it easier for clubs to invest in quality.