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As a young people focused charity we understand youth work. Our staff are experienced in working with young people from a variety of different backgrounds and are expert at getting the best out of the young people that traditional education deem challenging, improving their self-esteem, giving them greater opportunities and life chances.

With this in mind we have designed a range of exciting packages that take learning outside the classroom. Importantly, each package is tailor-made to meet the needs of a particular group. Far from believing one size fits all, we are committed to reflecting the individuality of young people in the programmes we design for them.

Please contact Michael Defoe for details of what would work best for you. michael@harrowclubw10.org

St. George’s School, Westminster

  • Providing a Motor Project programme for young people on the verge of exclusion
  • Working with individuals to re-engage them into school

Head of Mentoring at St George’s School:

The Harrow club has been providing motor projects for our students for the past 2 years and it′s been great. The students have really enjoyed the work and hopefully will be able to avoid a few breakdowns in the future when they’re old enough to get behind the wheel! It has given some of the older students a real insight into the world of mechanics, encouraging them to seriously consider it as a career. The project has been great all round.″
Mr. Valentine

″The race track was excellent, obviously I came first.″ 
Yr 9 St. George′s student

″I felt like Lewis Hamilton it was great!″
Year 8 St. George′s student