These sessions are designed to help participants look at their present situation, knowledge, attitude and skills. This will help the young people to look at their behaviour and current development.

During these sessions participants will be encouraged to speak honestly about why they might be having difficulties at school or be on the verge of exclusion. We use the following sessions to develop various techniques and skills that participants will be able to use in learning environments.


This unique sex and relationships education programme has been run in a variety of schools and Pupil Referral Unit settings across London with positive results and outcomes. In the first session we will introduce the programme and the ground rules for working together.

We then look at prior learning and the knowledge gained from school, street and family environments, which may affect or influence attitudes towards sex and relationships. Within these programmes we use empathy bellies, Virtual dolls and lots of other modern resources to enhance young people′s understanding of these issues.

″I learnt about sexually transmitted infections, their symptoms and possible effects long term. The message was reinforced to me to practise safe sex, to use protection. As a result of these workshops I always carry a condom and I go to the STD clinic for checkups just to be on the safe side. The benefit of the workshops is evident − I haven′t had a child yet!″ Jerome nurse, 16


We offer programmes for pupils who are having difficulties in school or need a change of learning environment for a period of time.

  • The programme provides a mixture of activities which cover school curriculum subjects and informal learning programmes
  • We can work with groups or offer one to one mentoring and supervision. We have a very competent and experienced team and we can arrange placements at very short notice
  • The aim of this provision is to engage with the participant and enable them to gain the necessary skills to re-engage into a mainstream school

″The Harrow club has excellent facilities and excellent staff who work with some very challenging young people. They are quick to respond and always willing to help, often at very short notice!″

Paul Efthymiou,
LAPA (Pupil Referral Unit)